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Una Más
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"...sensuous, almost bordering on lustful...viscosity of the music is a result of the molten mix of bronzed horns and beautifully clouded woodwinds with elementally raw drums and percussion...altogether desirable."

-Raul De Gama, Latin

Joe McCarthy – drums, bells, timbale
Roberto Quintero – congas, percussion
Dave Samuels – vibes & marimba
Harry Appelman – piano
Tim Murphy – piano
Jim Roberts – guitars
Mike Pope – basses

Steve Williams – lead alto, soprano sax
Andy Axelrad – alto sax
Luis Hernandez – tenor sax
Vince Norman – tenor, sop., baritone sax
Darryl Brenzel – baritone sax

Chris Walker – lead trumpet
Alex Norris – trumpet
Greg Reese – trumpet
Tim Stanley – trumpet

Ben Patterson – trombone
Joe Jackson – trombone
Rhoades Whitehill – trombone
Jeff Cortazzo – trombone

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