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Angel Eyes
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"...Groove is at the heart of the Afro Bop Alliance’s debut release...Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers-inspired septet keep one foot solidly in the straight ahead jazz camp with their scintillating improvisations and tight three horn frontline."

-Bill Milkowski

“The “Bop” in the band’s name can be best described as hard bop in the Jazz Messengers vein- forthright and hard-hitting with a certain swagger…. McCarthy and company delight in the music and are emotionally invested in each note and beat.”

-Owen Cordle

"McCarthy and crew turn the heat up once again demonstrating quite well why Afro Bop Alliance continues to be a moving force in jazz and Angel Eyes, is another reason why."

-Edward Blanco, All About Jazz

"McCarthy's work is superlative every moment of Angel Eyes."

-Mark S. Tucker, FAME Review

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